One hears technological terms thrown around a lot these days. IoT, smart devices, cryptocurrency, data mining, I could go on and on. BAS, and no I don't mean a degree in the applied science, we are talking Building Automation Systems. There are several things to consider when picking out the right BAS solution for your company or project. We scoured the internet and spoke with our clients to determine what the best things are to focus on when considering a BAS.

Right Fit Employees

This is a huge point that tends to get overlooked in companies no matter the size, often we tend to pick software or programs that we think are applicable to the job and use deciding factors like money to weed out the one you will pick. This can, unknowingly, lead to huge roadblocks in the future. If you got a screaming deal on a program and its perfect for the job you are doing but your staff can't seem to navigate it easily or at all, it may as well be useless. Consider who will be using the system and take their opinions into consideration when sifting through companies. If the user is just someone who will be dedicated to that job or someone who will be performing multiple jobs at one time, this impacts the need for high or low ease of use. Demos of these systems are not uncommon to ask for and can help you make the right fit.


Ease of Use

No matter the reason you are getting a BAS I’m sure it completely negates the point of even getting it if more time is spent on training on a system with low ease of use, than what you are getting in return on efficiency savings. Navigation of the overall system should be easy and intuitive for every type of user that will interact with the system. It should be easy to locate and change the current status of all critical systems and schedules. Ensure it is easy for the users to locate reference material if needed should the occasion arise where they need assistance with the operation of the system. There is no such thing as too many resources!





Do your homework and complete your due diligence when identifying the correct BAS solution. Some systems still require a dedicated computer to access and make changes in the system. That, however, is not the norm anymore. Most BAS give you access no matter where you are so long as you have an internet connection. This is the best option because if things go awry and you are nowhere near the location you can access it remotely and help assist with any problems or difficulties. Flexibility and convenience is key. Digging in deeper to see if the company offers its own application in your mobile platform store or if it’s only accessible via a browser. These are the details you can dig into and see what it is the users prefer.

Energy Management

Energy conservation and going green is quickly becoming part of our everyday vernacular. From the Paris Climate Accord to the new Tesla, everyone is trying to do their part for the environment. The same should be said for your prospective BAS. Most BAS capture an absurd amount of data on any given day, however, it’s not the data that is’s how that data is used and churned out to the end user. Being able to put the data into trend graphs and tables that you can easily understand and correlate with actions is actionable data. Ensure that your prospective BAS not only captures the data but provides you with actionable, smart data. Climate Accord to