eViewIoT Integrates with your Building Automation and Management System

eViewIoT system on a computer and phone eViewIoT system on a computer and phone eViewIoT system on a computer and phone

You want to serve your customers, grow your business, and run your facilities profitably.

eViewIoT monitors and controls critical systems such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration, and automates them through schedules and alerts. Devices and sensors brings data into the application, where analytics and thresholds drive inspection, maintenance, and control. Remote access through the eViewIoT app, for mobile and desktop, lets you diagnose equipment conditions and run-times from anywhere.

eViewIoT system on a computer and phone eViewIoT system on a computer and phone eViewIoT system on a computer and phone

Saves on Costly Repairs

  • Schedules for lighting and HVAC reduce wear on equipment
  • Alerts on conditions in real time give warning before costly failures happen

Increase Margins and Profits

  • Minimize up front capital requirements
  • Modest service fees enable quicker ROI

Predict the Need for Maintenance

  • Live data and visual history show operating conditions over time
  • Diagnose problems remotely based on performance data
  • Alerts prevent inventory loss in refrigeration
  • Refrigeration data shows degraded performance like short-cycling
  • Graphs show performance trends and results of maintenance

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Use data to direct operations and schedules to reduce energy use
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs by diagnosing problems early
  • Set on/off points for lighting with overrides to avoid excess power use
  • Schedule lighting when it’s needed, not when employees arrive
  • Change lighting schedules automatically based on sunrise/sunset times

Integrate Other Systems and Hardware

Communicates with devices using any industry-standard protocol like LONworks, BacNet, ModBus, Zigbee, and IP-based:

  • Energy and Flow Meters
  • Lighting and HVAC Controllers
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Application-Specific Controllers like Thermostats and Refrigeration

How it works

How eViewIoT Works

Have an EcoView system? Need support, parts?

You have an EcoView system and want to continue to enjoy its benefits. But it’s failing, the manufacturer no longer provides support, and you don’t know where to turn. Engenuity will help. We can provide support, parts and more…