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Each Model 110B is a two-channel physical layer repeater for TP/FT-10 LonWorks networks. Data received on one channel is reconditioned and re- transmitted on the other channel. Each Model 110B effectively doubles the wiring distance and the number of nodes that can be placed on the network. On-board jumpers allow each channel to be terminated independently for bus or free topology. Three LED’s provide diagnostic information for troubleshooting. A green LED indicates when power is applied. Two red LED’s indicate when data is being received on each of the two local channels. Up to (5) Model 110B units can be daisy chained together to create up to a (10) channel repeater. This is accomplished via a short jumper cable between units. Data received on one network segment is transmitted on all other network segments. This allows the user to create a field expandable repeater from two to ten channels using a single product. Note, the daisy chain feature of the Model 110B is not on the network side but actually takes place on a separate daisy chain bus between repeaters. This has several advantages. One, there is minimal delay between the received signal and the repeated signal. Even with a ten-segment repeater (5 Model 110Bs), the delay is equivalent to a single repeater. Two, each network segment is completely isolated from all other network segments. A short on one segment will only affect that segment and not the others

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