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NeuroLogic Research’s Model 2200A is a pulse count input node that is housed in a compact DIN rail enclosure. It allows integration of up to 2 digital pulse inputs into the LonWorks distributed digital network. This datasheet describes the functionality of the 2200AVM. It is a special program that tailors the Model 2200A for volume monitoring such as in gas or water metering applications . The firmware executes on a standard Model 2200A and is available at no charge. It is downloaded to a base Model 2200A via a LonWorks Network Installation Tool such as LonMaker or pre-loaded if ordered as Model 2200AVM. Pulse meters with a dry contact, NPN transistor, or a voltage output can be connected directly to the Model 2200. An input frequency of up to 20 KHz can be captured. The internal pulse accumulator has a capacity of 2,147,483,648. In case power is lost, the accumulated pulse count is saved internally once every 30 seconds. The amount of volume per pulse, in liters, for each meter is entered as a configuration parameter. It is used to calculate the total volume in liters. The amount of volume measured is averaged over a user configurable period of 1 to 7200 seconds. The average volume is used to calculate the flow rate. The calculated flow rate is made available via Standard Network Variable Types in liters per second and as a percentage value. The percentage output allows a simple interface to other LonWorks devices.

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