Roof Top Units 2H/2C Economizer Dehumidi - BAC-4023CW0002


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Two and four pipe fan coil units
Roof top units Heat pump units Packaged and split unitary systems
Stand alone operation No special programming,
software applications, or setup tools are required to
configure and commission an AppStat. All options
can be set by using only the five front panel buttons
and the easy-to-read menus in the full color display.
New or retrofit applications The attractive two-piece
design is ideal for new installations or upgrades of
older, less efficient thermostats. AppStat installation
requires only mounting the backplate to a wall or
electrical box, connecting wires to screw terminals,
and plugging the AppStat into the backplate.
Bright, full-color display The full color display is
easy to read across a room even in bright sunlight.
Users can easily choose between Fahrenheit or
Celsius values. The display features large numbers
and simple color icons to indicate heating or cooling,
occupied, unoccupied or local setback modes, and
fan operation. For models with a humidity sensor,
the temperature and humidity values alternate on
the display.
Network ready All models are native BACnet,
Application Specific Controllers ready to connect to
a BACnet MS/TP network. Device instance, MAC
address, and baud rate are set from the password
protected front controls. All models feature a
hardware clock and BACnet schedule that can be
set up from the front panel or as standard BACnet
objects and properties.

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