Heating & Cooling

Thermostats are set up specifically to designated zones. Options to restrict local changes or designate temporary set point and return to permanent set point. Thermostats are programmed with user defined set points and schedules.


Multi-zone controller ‘stair-steps’ lighting loads during peak demand period. Astronomical clock adjusts automatically for daily changes in dawn/dusk times. Interior/exterior scheduling significantly reduces unnecessary lighting use. Motion sensor lighting turns lights on when motion is detected. Cloudy day sensor turns on drive thru and marketing lights on dark days.

Energy Consumption

Meter collects energy consumption data from your buildings mains. Energy Data is used for day/day, week/week, year/year comparisons. Data is used for store to store comparisons for stores across your entire portfolio.

Temperature Monitoring

Remotely measure temperatures in reach-in’s and prep areas. Alarms for areas reaching above or below defined temperature range. Hot water temperature sensors used to remotely monitor temperature of water at hand and dish washing areas.


An adaptive controller installed on walk-in cooler’s and freezers significantly decreases defrost cycles by 70%. Controller defrosts based on learning and adapting to the environment.