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EasyStack-100 CAPS

Product Code: ESY1G-26
Model #: EasyStack100
EasyStack 100 CAPS Software Framework to be installed on an EasyML100 or a Dedicated High Quality Server
EasyStack is a software technology that combines the core functionality of a Building Automation System (BAS) for connecting and controlling devices, with the added benefits of a Building Operating System (BOS) to manage and leverage data. The technology uses tagging and data modelling to provide unprecedented capabilities and functionally. The Haystack open standard also provides options and choices for the best combination of solutions from the wider collaborative Haystack community. EasyStack is a next generation software suite including an entirely new application server, combined with the custom graphic tool EasyStack Builder, and the EasyStack Mobile app. You can now build your entire customer’s solution using a unified toolset optimized for efficient workflow. The technology leverages powerful tagging and data modelling which means you can use queries to access data and eliminate time consuming linking. EasyStack was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code ESY1G-26
Model # EasyStack100
Brand Easy IO
Manufacturer Easy IO