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KRS-E08 Threshold Gate

Product Code: BTR25-00
Model #: 110666
The threshold gate switches units, pumps, fans, burners, etc.
The threshold gate serves as control for aggregates, pumps, fans, burners etc. An analogue control signal between 0 and 10 V is used for operation. In the automatic mode ("Auto") the relay is activated as soon as the input voltage reaches the threshold. If the input voltage falls below the turn-off threshold the relay drops off. The device is provided with a manual control facility with checkback function for servicing purposes. The module offers two operation modes, they are set by the three-position switch (Auto, 0, 1). Turn-on threshold and hysteresis setting is done with rotary switches. 1. Switch position "1": The output relay is controlled by contacts A1 and A2. 2. Switch position "0": The relay is switched off (bridge over contacts 11 and 12) 3. Switch position "Auto": The output relay is controlled by the voltage at input YR. Voltage has to be continuously applied at contact A1
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code BTR25-00
Model # 110666
Brand Metz Connect, Inc.
Manufacturer Metz Connect USA, Inc.