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AMJR-14-SB AddMe Lite BACnet MS/TP 14-po

Product Code: CSI1Z-11
Model #: AMJ14SB
Control Solutions’ AddMe Lite features 12 analog/universal inputs with confi gurable type and scaling. You can individually confi gure each universal input for 10-bit fast analog or discrete input.
Analog Input objects provide data from the analog I/O points. Linearization tables are provided for 3K, 10K and 20K type II, III, and IV thermistors. Input type and scaling is confi gured by writing to BACnet object properties. Additional uncommitted writeable objects are available for data exchange with the user program. Two of the analog/universal inputs can be confi gured as pulse counting inputs. These inputs measure frequency, or totalize pulse input at up to 5 kHz. The totalizing input has non-volatile count storage. The count is stored to non-volatile memory every 15 minutes, providing a 28-year life.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code CSI1Z-11
Model # AMJ14SB
Brand Control Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer Control Solutions, Inc.