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In its Logger variant measured values including time stamp (RTC in module) are stored on the module. Memory capacity is sufficient for 1 year. Even at a battery failure the values will be preserved. Correct operation of the module is indicated by a LED.
The measuring range is between -35 °C and +70 °C. Within this range the radio system adapts itself to the environmental conditions and compensates any temperature dependent drift of the transmitter. A calibration of the temperature measurement is not necessary.
The wireless module is powered by a 3.6 V AA battery. Running at a sensible measurement cycle of 4.5 minutes the replaceable battery will operate a minimum of 5 years up to and possibly exceeding a 10 years life expectancy depending on circumstances.
The flat housing is made of fiber glass reinforced ABS which can be safely used in the food industry. It provides high impact strength even at low temperatures. It is suited for a temperature range of -50 °C to approximately +70 °C.
For mounting an adapter is available, also allowing for step joint installation towards the potential fixing spot.
The GesySense Thermo-Logger is compliant with regulation EC 37/2005 on the monitoring of temperatures in the means of warehousing and storage of quick-frozen foodstuffs intended for human consumption
A special variant for self-configuring systems is available.

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