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In IFSF compliant systems the Easylon IFSF LON/IP Router connects an IFSF-LON to an IFSF-IP network. The Router operates according to the IFSF – Standard Forecourt Protocol Communication Specification and the ISO/IEC 14908 standard. Fitted with Ethernet interface and a TP/FT-10 transceivers the module enables communication between devices of both connected networks. The Easylon IFSF LON/IP Router offers a browser interface, by which diagnosis information can be called from the device. The IFSF LON/IP Router enables easy communication between devices using the IFSF-LON or the IFSF-IP protocol. A parameterization is not necessary, neither for the devices nor for the IFSF LON/IP Router itself. Network Interface for Remote Access: Installed at the LON network and connected to it as well as via Ethernet into the Internet the device can additionally serve as a TCP/IP network interface. Using the Easylon RNI software, belonging to all Easylon interfaces, this is a cost effective and reliable solution for remote network access, compared to a special PC at the network.

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