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The Easylon Analyzer is the pro’s software tool to thoroughly investigate LON network communication and nodes properties. In combination with Easylon VNI Interfaces or interfaces from other vendors this Windows PC based program gives insight into LON network behavior. The advantage of Easylon Interfaces+ is their capability to run network analysis in parallel with other programs. The Analyzer software offers comprehensive and flexible methods for data analysis. Specialists intimate with LON Technology appreciate the Easylon Analyzer for its in-depth operations even allowing manipulation of the Neuron’smemory. This diagnosis tool supports installation ans maintenance of the LON networks by lots of useful features. All LON telegrams at the screen: The Easylon Analyzer records all network traffic and displays the telegrams with all relevant information. Network variable (NV) updates are displayed with correctly formatted values faciliating the immediate understanding of telegrams. Detailed information: 1-ms-time stamps, sequence and transaction numbers, service type, source and destination addresses, text display with NV names and values formatted according to SNVT type, hex dump, CRC errors. Trigger and filter for relevant events and information: In order to sift out essential information from the mass of data, the Easylon Analyzer allows filtering according to address- and NV-parameters, triggering dependent on filters and logical connection between filtering and triggering. Installation database is not required: All relevant information is collected either by monitoring network traffic or via a “Scan and Upload”. Are there quirks in your network? The Easylon Analyzer’s consistency report tracks down nodes which have not been installed, addresses which have been assigned twice, incomplete bindings and similar problems, which otherwise would remain hidden. The transaction analysis displays erroneous transfers. In-depth network node information: The nodes list contains all detected nodes, with address information, location and self-documentation. The node information contains all structures of the Neuron Chip. Node commands. comprise wink, reset, on-line, off-line, EEBlank, set location and even allow to write to the memory of the Neuron.

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