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Link Power Supply Module

Product Code: HUB69-00
Model #: LXLPM2
Hubbell Controls' LX Link Power Module is a self-contained power supply that provides operating power to LX Series twisted-pair communication networks.This module powers a multitude of device types, such as LX switch stations, LX occupancy sensors, and LX photosensor control modules. The device’s versatility enables it to support a variety of network topologies, including Star and T-configurations.
Hubbell Building Automation’s Link Power Module is designed for the efficient use of LonWorks® networks. It provides power to twisted pair LonWorks network using the LPT/FTT transmission technology. The Link Power Module combines a compact housing of just 7 DIN rail units with excellent technical features: overcurrent limiting to 1.6 A, residual ripple of output voltage below 100 mV, galvanical separation of input and output voltages, internal no load, overload and short-circuit protection. Its high efficiency of more than 75% reduces heating of switching cabinets. The electromagnetic compatibility classification makes the module the perfect choice for industrial and building automation networks.

  • Power supply for Link Power / Free Topology LonWorks® networks
  • Compact housing
  • Output current limitation
  • Low residual ripple of output voltage
  • Short circuit and over-current monitoring
  • Thermal monitoring
  • Bus termination by external wire bridge

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Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code HUB69-00
Model # LXLPM2
Brand Hubbell Building Automation
Manufacturer Hubbell Building Automation