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AMJR-14-DM AddMe Jr. i.CanDoIt Web Serve

Product Code: CSI1Z-08
Model #: AMJ14DM
Control Solutions’ i.CanDoIt® AddMe Jr. includes all of the featuers of AddMe III-IP in a scaled down package. AddMe Jr. features 12 universal inputs.
AddMe Jr. includes powerful web based features, including: - Data logging and event logging, trending - Email notifi cation and email data log delivery -Weekly and on-demand real time scheduling - Astronomical clock and time/date clock - Programmability using PL/i structured language - SNMP v2 agent for Get/Set access to data points - SNMP trap generation based on rules - Template rule generation for traps, emails, output triggers - Modbus TCP client and server concurrently - Built-in gateway to Modbus RTU -Integral web server with Flash fi le system - User designed web pages with CGI access to data points -Web based confi guration and monitoring - Cell phone friendly event notifi cation capability -Dynamic DNS support - DNS host lookup, DHCP - FTP data fi le access & fi rmware upgrades - Telnet console session for account management -Web client for server driven remote monitoring
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code CSI1Z-08
Model # AMJ14DM
Brand Control Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer Control Solutions, Inc.