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LonWorks Installation Handbook 3rd Ed.

Product Code: ENG0X-01
Model #: ISBN 3-8007-2906-7

    LONWORKS® - Installation Handbook, 3rd Edition

    The THIRD edition of the LONWORKS Installation Handbook is now available. The LONWORKS Installation Handbook is one of the few third party references available about LONWORKS technology and its applications. The book is ideally suited for electrical engineers, installers, construction engineers, system integrators and all those who plan, install, integrate or maintain LONWORKS-based building automation system.

    The LONWORKS Installation Handbook is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about LONWORKS technology, ranging from a novice to an expert. It provides a practical introduction to distributed LONWORKS networks, giving technical and non-technical readers an understanding of this complex subject matter. Building on the technical foundation, the booth also describes how to implement LONWORKS networks in various building automation applications.

    The book begins with an introduction to bus technology and control networks. Building on the basic technical foundation, the book provides the reader with a more detailed understanding of LONWORKS technology starting with a description of nodes and Neuron Chips, communication protocols, communication principles and network topology. The various transmission media options are explained along with the variety of network topology and connectivity options. One entire chapter is dedicated to installation guidelines, ranging from cable selection, safety issues, and device connectivity. Another chapter focuses on integration using traditional tools, including advice on tool selection, project planning, and device binding. Given the pervasive use of TCP/IP in many buildings, the chapter on LONWORKS and IP is invaluable. The chapter describes TCP/IP as a communications medium, network connectivity options, network infrastructure and various Internet protocols. The final chapter focuses on troubleshooting an installation. A handy check list is provided to help installers diagnose potential programs.

    In the appendices, readers can gain a better understanding of how everything fits together through several simple application examples including lighting control, sun blinds, and single room control. Additional information is provided on troubleshooting, project management, remote management and a table of commonly used Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs). The book contains an extensive index as well as a list of contact addresses and web pages for further information.

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Additional Information
Product Code ENG0X-01
Model # ISBN 3-8007-2906-7
Brand Engenuity Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer Engenuity Systems, Inc.