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EZ Gateway,ModbusRTU-ModbusTCP-BACnetMS/

Product Code: FST1A-08
Model #: FS-EZ2-MOD-BAC
The EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet (FS-EZX-MOD-BAC) is an easy-to-use, high-performance building and industrial automation protocol gateway for integrators to interface Modbus devices, such as power meters, flow meters, and other Modbus-based controllers, to BACnet networks in commercial buildings, campuses, and industrial facilities. The EZ Gateway supports up to 1000 data points and can connect various flavors of Modbus to BACnet.
The EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet combines field-hardened Modbus and BACnet protocol drivers with an easy to use configuration interface. The EZ Gateway’s Modbus interface is compatible with all Modbus-certified products, while the EZ Gateway’s BACnet interface has been certified by BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL) at Version 12. The intuitive web-based interface allows configurations to be built in the field or in the office, thereby simplifying the commissioning and integration process. Sierra Monitor’s unique FieldServer DeviceProxy™ feature allows each Modbus device to be presented as a corresponding virtual BACnet device within the EZ Gateway, thereby providing granular visibility and control over each Modbus device from within a BACnet management framework. For example, offline / online status is visible at the individual Modbus device level.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code FST1A-08
Model # FS-EZ2-MOD-BAC
Brand Sierra Monitor
Manufacturer Sierra Monitor