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Babel Buster BB2-6010-GW Modbus RTU to T

Product Code: CSI1Z-49
Model #: BB2-6010-GW
Control Solutions' Babel Buster® BB2-6010-GW is a transparent gateway for connecting Modbus RTU devices to Modbus TCP and vice versa without mapping individual registers.
Control Solutions’ Babel Buster BB2-6010 is a Modbus to Modbus and a Modbus to SNMP Gateway. The BB2-6010 is more than a protocol translator. It is a self contained server that collects and distributes data according to the rules you create. The most common use of the BB2-6010 is to map Modbus RTU and/or Modbus TCP devices to SNMP. The SNMP manager can use SNMP Get to retrieve contents of any mapped Modbus register. In addition, the BB2-6010 uses threshold rule templates to continuously monitor Modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing of “alarm” conditions.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code CSI1Z-49
Model # BB2-6010-GW
Brand Control Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer Control Solutions, Inc.