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Babel Buster BB2-3060 BACnet MS/TP to Mo

Product Code: CSI1Z-46
Model #: BB2-3060
Control Solutions' Babel Buster® BB2-3060 is a fully configurable universal Modbus TCP to BACnet MS/TP gateway. The Babel Buster BB2-3060 is a TCP client (master) used to make multiple Modbus TCP devices accessible on a BACnet network.
Control Solutions’ Babel Buster BB2-3060 is a BACnet MS/TP client/server device that functions as a Modbus TCP client/server. A large number of BACnet objects gives you fl exibility in mapping Modbus registers to any combination of BACnet objects. Packed Modbus registers may be parsed to multiple BACnet objects when reading. Multiple BACnet objects may be packed into a single Modbus register when writing. All standard Modbus register types are supported.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code CSI1Z-46
Model # BB2-3060
Brand Control Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer Control Solutions, Inc.