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Babel Buster BB2-3020-NB LonWorks to BAC

Product Code: CSI1Z-42
Model #: BB2-3020-NB-USB
Control Solutions’ Babel Buster BB2-3020-NB is a BACnet client/server used to connect LonWorks devices to a BACnet network without binding or LonWorks network management outside of the gateway’s own capabilities.
The LonWorks network variables will be polled periodically to read LonWorks data, or updated upon change in value (or periodically if chosen) to write LonWorks data. Data read from LonWorks will be placed into BACnet Input or Value objects. Data written to BACnet Output or Value objects will be written to LonWorks network variables. The BB2-3020-NB is most often used as a BACnet server, providing LonWorks data to BACnet clients such as a building management system. The BB2-3020-NB can also be confi gured as a BACnet client, automatically reading and writing BACnet objects in other BACnet devices to share LonWorks data.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code CSI1Z-42
Model # BB2-3020-NB-USB
Brand Control Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer Control Solutions, Inc.