Custom/pre-programming services for standard products saves timeSpecification drawinings

We work with several networking technologies including LonWorks®, BacNet®, Modbus®, Ethernet® and WiFi® and we are certified through Echelon®, Tridium®, and Functional Devices™, among other manufacturers for technical support and programming services. Depending on your needs and application, Engenuity can create your programming logic or simply download your program and pre-set your jumper settings prior to shipping from our warehouse. Using Engenuity’s resources will save you time and increase on-site efficiency. 

Custom products meet application goals

Engenuity’s global network of resources can connect you with the right engineering and manufacturing firms for just about any product design you need using advanced technology. From Powerline gateways to IoT sensors, we dig deep into your requirements and leverage our internal team to help identify the right resources for your project. Engenuity can also serve as your project manager to help facilitate the design process, prototyping, and production as well as be your fulfillment warehouse.

Specification design drafting, imaging, and 2D/3D drawing from Engenuity increases efficiency

Custom Product Develoopment

Engenuity Systems offers drafting and design services for your projects. Using our library of product specifications and graphics, it may be quicker for Engenuity to help you with the schematics and layout. We have years of experience and provide this services at a cost competitive price.

Custom branding creates value

Engenuity Systems can offer several custom branding options on several products and drop-ship packaging. Branding and logo recognition is important and we understand you want your customers to always think of you first. Talk to one of our representatives about what we can do to help promote your brand.