Engenuity’s featured product this month is the ILC 2050 BI controller made by the German-based engineering company, Phoenix Contact. Phoenix Contact was founded in 1923, the first company to build a terminal block and serving industries from power generation, oil and gas, automotive to building automation and several more. Primarily an industrial components manufacturer they saw a need to revolutionize industrial hardware and bring it together with one of the leading frameworks used n automation, Niagara.

This new controller is groundbreaking in that it combines Niagara with industrial grade hardware to satisfy customers demands. Phoenix Contact developed this controller with industrial environments in mind which are vastly different than your typical office building.  Picture conveyor systems, numerous wireless signals from various types of machinery, several different wireless networks, temperature and pressure controlled rooms, and all of that ambient noise generated from these things.

The controller was built with the Niagara framework embedded while still keeping its industrial proof integrity. The features below are what elevates this controller up to industrial hardware standards:

  • Shield connection to din rail for noise

  • Strain relief and markings for easier I/O management

  • Bus protection available via isolation modules for 24V and 110V circuits

  • Spring cage terminal for easy installation

  • I/O terminals are isolated for noise reduction

Typical applications for this controller range from data centers, sawmills, to airports and healthcare are just a few examples where the Niagara framework embedded into the controller and the industrial grade hardware is essential when failure isn't an option.

In an application like a chiller plant, there would be some sort of control with inputs and outputs tying to a head end that manages the plant and other equipment in the facility. This controller makes it possible to manage the primary facility along with external buildings connected to that facility as well. The communication doesn't stop at the primary facility due to the controller's versatility. For example, in manufacturing there are typically two systems that have to be maintained, the light to heavy industrial system (SCADA) and the building HVAC system (BMS), this controller allows the two to be easily bridged and managed more easily under one system.

Engenuity is proud to be one of the few US distributors for this product from Phoenix Contact. This controller is innovative in every way and is a game changer that will make the difference in your next project.




  • 1GHz Cortex A8

  • 1GB of RAM

  • 4 GB flash memory, expandable with usd card

  • Wide temperature range -25Cto +55C

  • UL 508

  • EMC tested to IEC 61000