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Product Code: NRC09-01
Model #: MODEL 2200
The Model 2200 is a Pulse Count Input Network Node that is housed in acompact DIN rail enclosure.

Model 2200

2-Channel Pulse Count Input Network Node

The Model 2200 is a Pulse Count Input Network Node that is housed in a compact DIN rail enclosure. It allows integration of up to 2 digital pulse inputs into the LonWorks distributed digital network. Input devices such as relays, conditioned proximity sensors, conditioned capacitive sensors as well as ultrasonic sensors are all supported.

The Model 2200 has a flexible front-end that supports direct wiring of NPN, PNP, TTL, as well as dry-contact type inputs. Pull-up resistor, pull-down resistor, threshold voltage, hysterisis voltage, and signal inversion can all be changed via configuration network variables. There are no jumpers to set.

Added to the flexible hardware front-end is a very flexible firmware layer. The firmware simultaneously calculates the accumulated pulse count, frequency, and, for steady state signals, allows the discrete digital state to be read. The frequency measurement rate is in excess of 65 KHz and the accumulated pulse count can be up to 2,147,483,648. The pulse accumulator can be scaled in such a way as to allow multiple pulses to be counted as a single event. The frequency input can be averaged over multiple samples. Finally, to allow a smooth interface with LonWorks devices, the frequency and count data is also available as a percentage of a user-configurable range.

Using the Model 2200 allows multiple sensors to be used over a simple four-wire bus installation. Two wires are used for power, the other are used for digital communication. The communication interface is the FTT-10 transceiver.

All connections to the Model 2200 are made via high quality removable terminal blocks. Power into the Model 2200 is reverse voltage protected, individually fused, and finally made available to the sensor terminal blocks. This feature allows simple power distribution to each pulse output device.

Key Features

  • 2-Independent pulse count inputs with a 0-36 VDC input range
  • Simultaneous interpretation of each input as frequency, pulse-count accumulator, or discrete input
  • Frequency measurement range is 0 to 65 KHz. Frequency measurement can be averaged over multiple samples
  • Internal pulse accumulator has a capacity of 2,147,483,648 counts. Pulse input can be scaled
  • Configurable pull-up and pull-down circuit on each input
  • Threshold and hysterisis voltages for each input can be setup by user via the network
  • Jumper-less design. All configuration parameters are done via communication network
  • Input power is distributed to each sensor’s terminal block to cut down on external wiring
  • Output power to each sensor is reverse voltage protected and fused
  • Compact DIN Rail mount enclosure that is only 36 mm (1.42”) W x 90 mm (3.54”) L x 58 mm (2.28”) H
  • All data is available using Standard Network Variables (SNVT)
Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Code NRC09-01
Model # MODEL 2200
Brand Neurologic Research Corp.
Manufacturer Neurologic Research Corp.